About Us

About Us

GEO Consultants Corporation (GEO) is a proven and dependable small business prime contractor. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Kevil, KY, GEO is a full service environmental and geological engineering firm whose clients include federal and state government agencies, commercial enterprises, and large business environmental engineering companies. The technical solutions that GEO designs and delivers to clients are based on nationally-recognized professional expertise in the fields of environmental compliance, groundwater characterization, design and selection of remedial technologies, RCRA/CERCLA site investigations, site characterization and remediation, and hydrogeology.

Since its inception in 1997, GEO, a SBA-certified HUBZone and Economically Disadvantaged Woman-owned Small Business firm, has a successful track record over 20 years of federal contracting experience. Based in Kevil, KY with offices in Oak Ridge, TN, St. Louis, MO and Roanoke, VA, GEO’s quality, technical excellence, and disciplined approach to geological engineering, environmental and planning services project management has led to an outstanding past performance record for the successful execution of hundreds of individual task orders for federal clients.

GEO has existing prime contracts with USACE Kansas City, Charleston, Huntington and Tulsa Districts, supporting environmental, geotechnical, planning and real property services at numerous locations. GEO has ongoing or completed environmental task orders with 10 USACE Districts in 21 states, Guam, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

We understand how to orchestrate a diverse team across geographical areas and we have a proven track record of successfully completing multiple simultaneous task orders within compressed schedules. We pride ourselves on being responsive to client needs, and are confident in our ability to provide the level of service required. We have extensive experience in dealing with the unpredictable flow of work on task order contracts, as well as the need to mobilize project teams and complete work on a fast-track schedule. We accept work and assemble teams with very little notice. We adjust to changing requirements and pressing deadlines, and we orchestrate responsive planning efforts for large and small installations. Our team members have proven track records in regard to managing multiple projects and numerous task orders simultaneously, and we regularly work on and complete to the highest quality complex planning projects at the same time. We do this through our innovative management approach and through the use of a unique participatory process.

GEO’s Vision

GEO exists to provide best-in-class professional services to its clients. GEO will continue to provide technical excellence, the ability to integrate theory and practice, the ability to execute and deliver, an exemplary safety record, and excellent customer service with cost-effective results. In return for their dedicated work, GEO’s growth provides outstanding opportunities for its outstanding employees.

GEO’s People: GEO’s most valuable asset is an outstanding employee team. Committed to job satisfaction, professional growth and advancement, GEO maintains a culture of team work, based on recognizing and combining each employee’s area of expertise. GEO is proud to employ only the “best of the best.”

GEO’s Values

  • Business Ethics and Integrity: GEO’s core values are honesty and integrity, without exception. These fundamental values combined with a commitment to excellence and professionalism for customers, suppliers, competitors and employees are the foundation of the company.
  • Safety and Compliance: GEO will never sacrifice safety for productivity or schedules. GEO thoroughly plans each project with safety and environmental compliance as the number one goal. GEO believes that a task must be completed safely or not at all.
  • Quality: Total Quality Management and uncompromising expectations are embedded in the organization from top to bottom, resulting in reliable and outstanding performance for GEO’s clients.

Service Is Not Extinct!

GEO offers clients:

  • Small business commitment to personalized service, flexibility, and responsiveness with large business capabilities for project planning, execution, and quality control.
  • Excellent performance and safety records.
  • Experience and expertise managing all types of federal contract vehicles.
  • Certified as a small business-HUBZone edWOSB (economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business) and WOSB: (Woman-Owned Small Business)
  • GEO is one of the fastest growing Small Business professional contractors in the United States, as reported by The Zweig Letter Hot Firm List and Inc. 5000.

GEO’S Business Philosophy

GEO is Everyday People Doing Extraordinary Work –  When GEO says, “We are ordinary people,” it means that GEO recognizes the strengths of its staff and realizes that every member is equal to the next. GEO understands that every employee has unique sets of skills, talents and interests that are no better or worse than those of their colleagues or neighbors. GEO accomplishes extraordinary results working as a team with purpose, and by selecting and utilizing the right employees’ gifts to accomplish effective solutions that deliver each customer’s desired results.

GEO is Here for Good –  To the community, “Here for good” means that GEO is not going away. The excellent career opportunities that GEO provides are lasting. “Here for good” also means that GEO is dedicated to improving the quality of the local community through corporate and personal involvement and sponsorship.

GEO is Your Answer – Customers know “GEO is your answer” because GEO has repeatedly proven its dependability by delivering exceptional results and by delivering them fast. GEO not only provides great products and services, but also seeks to exceed customer expectations and become a trusted advisor. GEO wants to build lasting customer relationships that lead to repeat business and referrals, and believes that the only job security is a satisfied customer.

Our Clients Include:

U.S. Department of Defense

U.S. Department of the Army

U.S. Department of the Air Force

U.S. Department of the Navy

U.S. Marine Corps

Our Management Team

Jeff Douthitt, P.E.

Jeff Douthitt, P.E.


Sharon Douthitt

Sharon Douthitt


Kim Morris, PMP

Kim Morris, PMP

Contracts Manager

Todd Buchanan, P.G., PMP

Todd Buchanan, P.G., PMP

Senior Program Manager

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