Geophysical Investigations

Geophysical Investigations


The application of geophysics to challenging geologic, environmental, engineering, or other scientific problems provides an alternative and often unique insight into the subsurface unlike more conventional assessment methods. GEO Consultants supplies you with strategies and advice that reduce the likelihood of overlooking unexpected subsurface conditions while enhancing the understanding of subsurface site characteristics.  The more knowledge and insight you have available, the better your planning and development strategy.

Our array and scope of geophysical imaging is virtually endless, and new applications are constantly being developed. We specialize in wide range of geophysical services.

GEO Consultants Geophysical investigations include, but are not limited to:


  • Buried Waste Container and UST Studies
  • Preferential Flow Pathway Assessments, Groundwater Contaminant Plume Delineation
  • Radioactive Waste Mapping
  • Landfill Studies
  • Karst Mapping
  • Sand, Gravel, Coal, Sulfide Ore Exploration
  • Stratiographic Mapping
  • Fault and Shear Zone Mapping
  • Fracture Delineation
  • Igneous Intrusion Mapping
  • Seismic Rock Rippability
  • Roadway Slope Stability Analysis, Tunnel Design
  • Concrete (Dam, Bridge) Investigations
  • Foundation and Structural Investigations
  • Land Subsidence Studies
  • Locations of Graves, Burial, or Fire Pits
  • Mapping of Foundations and Ruins
  • Aquatic Studies

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